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Think Before You Drink: Discover the Five Beverages that are harming your smile!


At our Moonee Ponds dental practice we are uncovering the five biggest culprits when it comes to damaging the health and appearance of your smile…

Most of us know that a diet high in processed, sugary foods can contribute to the development of dental decay and other oral diseases, but did you know that many of the beverages we regularly consume can have a dramatic impact on the integrity and appearance of our smiles?

Read on to discover the top five drinks you should avoid for the sake of your smile:

1) Soft Drink

Renowned for their high sugar content, soft drinks pack a double whammy with a high acidic content as well. Don’t think you are getting off scot-free by selecting a sugar free alternative- the acidic content in these beverages can swiftly erode your natural tooth enamel! If you must indulge in soft drink try to do so with a straw to protect your tooth enamel.

2) Fruit Juice

In the same style as soft drink, fruit juice is deceptively detrimental to your oral health due to the high sugar and acidic content contained in this beverage. Beware of highly acidic juices such as orange and pineapple juice and consume these only in moderation.

3) Energy Drinks

Energy drinks and sports drinks are also damaging to the health and integrity of your smile, and should only be consumed occasionally- ideally with a straw.

4) Red Wine

Red wine is one of the greatest sources of tooth discolouration, and if you occasionally enjoy a glass of red it is advised that you brush your teeth as soon as possible after consumption to prevent deep staining.

5) Tea and Coffee

Much like red wine tea and coffee are also highly coloured beverages that contribute to tooth discolouration and a yellow looking smile. The staining effects of red wine, tea and coffee can typically be reduced or erased by cosmetic whitening treatments.

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